The Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR) condemns outrightly the horrendous killings of people in Southern Kaduna by Fulani herdsmen. The most difficult aspect of this crime is the slow response by the Federal and the Kaduna State governments in dealing with this humanitarian crisis. The poor approach to this crisis at both the Federal and State arms of government is further exacerbated by the alleged payment of ransom to the herdsmen (who are responsible for the killings in Southern Kaduna) by Kaduna State government. We at CDHR find this abhorrent. Where is the compensation or support for the families who have lost loved ones during these killings?. The action of the State government in terms of these compensation to the herdsmen without a reciprocal compensation to the families of the victims will further increase the tension between the indigenous people of Southern Kaduna and the herdsmen.

Furthermore, the measures taken by the Kaduna State government to help deal with this crisis through the imposition of curfew as a peace building process between the indigenes and the herdsmen have not been effective due to the failure of the herdsmen to abide by this peace process as they continue to attack many more communities during the Christmas break. Goska was attacked by the Fulani militants and herdsmen resulting in the rape and murder of women, children, the elderly and in some cases villages completely burnt down. The failure of the Federal government, the Kaduna state government and the national security forces to act promptly has resulted in the death of more than 800 innocent and defenceless Nigerians.

CDHR therefore urges the Federal government, the Kaduna State government and the national security forces to take measures to urgently secure the right to life, right to security and dignity of the human person and right to property of citizens in Southern Kaduna, and to prevent further attacks and killings by herdsmen and other unknown perpetrators.

Every Nigerian life matters and the government must do all it can to ensure that lives of those that are still living in Southern Kaduna are protected and the rule of law observed in the fight to bring the perpetrators of these dastardly killings to justice.